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Motivation for Lifestyle Change

Motivation for Lifestyle Change

I am proud of you for overcoming the quibbles of your mind and taking the initiative towards the habits that matter to your health and vitality. Remember any change in your life must be preceded by many small changes of your mind so be patient with yourself and pay close attention to your self talk and be sure to set realistic goals.  A difficult  task doesn’t mean impossible it only means hard work and dedication and if you, ma darlin’, fancy it enough you will find a way otherwise you’ll find an excuse. Don’t carry around that heavy load of failures and blunders, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to get to where you like to go.

The theme that paints this blog and I directly or indirectly imply is that your attitude is absolutely, positively, definitely and unquestionably critical to your success and progress in weight loss, weight training or any other field in life.

Don’t be timid with trying new things and more importantly don’t be afraid to fail. In fact get nice and comfortable with it, anticipate it and plan on it and when it finally comes and ‘you lose don’t lose the lesson’ HHDL. Perceived shortcomings and defeats are valuable feedback on your strategy, physical and psychological preparedness and therefore a healthy and important process of inching to the top.

Do not sabotage your hard labor and  dampen your spirit by comparing yourself to other people whom despite all appearances are facing their own battles; it’s called life ! Your job is to be your own cheerleader; rejoice in others’ success, but don’t forget to count your own. Constantly remind yourself of how far you have come, NOT how far you still have to go and trust me the pieces of the puzzle fall into place when you’re passionately lost in the game.

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