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Persian Cuisine

Persian Cuisine

People unfamiliar with Persian food presume it is hot and spicy, much like its politics or its perceived climate, which couldn’t be far from the truth.

It is too easy to  focus on this country’s mired image in controversy, while overlooking its firmly rooted heritage in mystical poetry and an artistic flair that runs through people’s daily lives, and entwines its elegant food. Verses from Rumi, Haafez, Sa’adi and Ferdowsi are reflected in people’s daily language, while houses are charmed with ornate carpets, textile and paintings, all speaking of a fondness for love, gardens, fountains, flowers and enjoyment of exquisite meals. How many cuisines count rosewater, pomegranate paste, cardamom, pistachios, rose petals, dried mint and saffron as pantry staples?

Iran’s highly fragrant food is a striking mix of fresh herbs and savory meaty stews served over fluffy rice, often imbued with the fragrance of saffron, that if introduced properly will have you pinning for more.  The exquisite combination of sweet and tart and the heavenly soft and thick stews open directly to the soul of passionate and warmblooded people that prepare them.

It is my intent to represent authentic Persian food as best as possible, but you can add your own artistic twist when inspired.


Sides پیش غذا

Light Meals غذاهای سبک

Kotlet کتلت - Kuku کوکو- Kufteh کوفته

Āsh آش - Soups سوپ

Khoresht خورش / Stews

Polow برنج / Rice & Rice Pilafs

Torshi ترشى / Pickles

Moraba مربا / Jams

Deserدسر / Dessert


Aab Talebi (Cantaloupe Juice)

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Aab Talebi (Cantaloupe Juice)

Escape the heat with a refreshing drink.

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