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Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Dates with Walnuts

Cheddar Cheese Stuffed Dates with Walnuts

date33I dropped by the LPB brewery on my home from the gym to check up on the boys. Radd (Ambassador) and Paul (Head Brewer) had been working on brewhouse passivation¬†all day long, were covered in sweat and looked pretty tuckered out. Leaving the room, Radd asked “Can you come back with some snacks?” You see, Vida is more of a support crew around here. So I went home, made these 5-minute stuffed dates for a quick energy release and bought them some drinks to replenish their electrolytes.
Ingredients (makes 10):

  • 10 dates (medjool dates work best)
  • 10 cheddar cheese sticks, cut by hand
  • 5 walnut halves


  • dried cranberries
  • oil/butter

Time~ 5 min

  1. Break walnuts halves in half. Dry toast in a pan over med. heat (1 min.). Use a bit of oil/butter if preferred. Set aside to cool.
  2. Slice open dates, and stuff each with a Cheddar cheese stick and a walnut piece. Use cranberries, if you like the sweet and sour flavor mix.
  3. Place back in the same pan, cook covered on low ’till the cheese partially melts. Use bit of oil or water to keep from burning.

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