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Posted by on Dec 1, 2013 in Persian پارسی, Food, Recipes, Moraba مربا / Jams | 0 comments

Moraba-ye Havij (Carrot Jam)

Moraba-ye Havij (Carrot Jam)


Chances are, there is an inexpensively purchased bag of carrots sitting in your fridge right now; and you have no idea that with just a few more ingredients you can refashion your breakfasts into an exotic cultural experience.

Cardamom makes this jam special, but rosewater makes it Persian-special. For the curious ones, rosewater is the byproduct of the distillation process that captures rose oil from rose petals. Roses have been used medicinally, nutritionally as well as cosmetically, since the ancient times. If you are familiar with Persians, you’d know their love affair with rose gardens is displayed in every single rug of every single house, but maybe not in every single blog page.

Rosewater can be found in most Middle Eastern stores, or check the ethnic food section of grocery stores. Using Key Lime juice is not recommended; I learned that the hard way!


  • 5 cups carrots, peeled and shredded
  • 2 cups sugar OR more to taste
  • 1-1.5 cups water
  • 2 Tbs slivered orange peel, pith removed. (~ 0.5 inch long pieces with a knife or zester. Do not use the grater)
  • juice of 1-2  lemons (~3 Tbs juice) or limes ( ~2 Tbs juice)
  • 5-6 cardamom pods or 1/3 teaspoon crushed
  • 1-2 Tbs rosewater

Time~  Prep: 15 min     Cook: 45 min


  1. Place sugar in a medium size non-stick pan, add water and stir. Bring to boil on high heat (~5 minutes).
  2. Once sugar is dissolved, add the carrots and orange rind. Continue boiling on high-med. heat, while stirring frequently ’till the mixture becomes more viscous and syrup like (~ 45 min) . If too watery, cook for 10 minutes or longer. Be careful when testing, liquid is quite hot.
  3. In the last ten minutes of cooking add lemon juice, cardamom pods and rosewater.
  4. Taste and adjust to your preference.
  5. Can or keep refrigerated. Don’t forget to remove the pods.

– Serve over warm toast or naan with butter or cream cheese,  like back in the old days.
– Or savor as dessert over vanilla ice cream, like in the new days.

Noosh-e jan

(Bon appetit)

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