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Protein Bars

Protein Bars

You know that a marketing scheme was successful, when a mentally compromised woman at Walmart explains to you “protein makes muscles”.

Ever taken the time to read the paragraph-long ingredient list on the back of those protein bars ? Were you able to pronounce any of them despite your advanced Organic Chemistry classes in college?…that’s your first cue.

The majority of these protein bars are injected with preservatives, stabilizers,  hidden sugars, and in some, the cheapest form of protein such as soy and its derivatives. The presence of trans fats in the form of partially hydogenated vegetable oils, high fructose corn syrup and dubious artificial sweetners further add to the chemical shit-show.

Would one protein bar kill you? No. Are all bad? Not necessarily, and some health food stores may carry less harmful versions. These sophisticated candy bars¬†are okay occasionally, but wouldn’t take chances on their cumulative effect on the body by replacing natural foods on regular basis.

Verdict: It’s a unanimous ” nay “

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