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In da Gym

In da Gym


Hi, my name is Vida.

I run the show around here and help average Janes & Joes badass their workouts to GI Janes and GI Joes.

Maybe you are here because the image in the mirror ain’t exactly putting a smile on your face, bored out of your mind with your current workout routine or been advised by your healthcare provider to get off the couch. For whatever reason you got here, I am glad our paths met. Welcome, and I promise to make it worth your while.

My goal is to inspire the hell out of you and be inspired by you, and maybe sprinkle some vitality in your life. If you ate healthier today, amped up your exercise, felt that workout high and the lust for more is motivating you to do just the same tomorrow, then I consider my job done. You can thank me by passing along what you learned here to the next person.

So why vidavitality? I wasn’t born fit and had a relapse, so trust me when I say ‘been there done that’. Much like you I am no stranger to struggles and failures, but I maneuver around it with consistent self-education and application. No I don’t mess around in the gym, and yes I badass it all the way.

Here are some random things about me:

  • Veins gross me out… and to think I went to nursing school.
  • Will be more than happy to ditch my phone and use smoke signals.
  • I am Persian by heritage and my time split between Iran and the West (Canada + USA) is roughly 15 and 19 respectively. Add the two numbers and you get my age.
  • Before you get too jealous, I don’t get a discount at the gas station.
  • Home is where I happen to live.
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