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In da Kitchen

If I’m not kicking butt in the gym, I am kicking it lose in the kitchen. Cooking can be a very mindful and meditative practice combined with the excitement of anticipation (Read more here).

I wasn’t always fond of cooking and viewed it as an imposed gender role, that I had vowed to defy through avoidance and preoccupation with education, which eventually morphed into a bit of kitchen fright.

Many moons later, much like any other health conscious family in the West, increased nutrition awareness led to increased meal dullness. Unfortunately, getting involved in fitness, with certain goals, further narrowed down food choices and sucked out whatever life was left of it . Luckily, this frustration tapped into my inner Julia Child and the undertaking of the goal to turn food fare into a sacred and pleasurable expression of life that is used to be.

Usually, I am charmed by unconventional ingredient list and play with recipes from different ethnicities. But, it wasn’t ’till more recently that reminisceĀ of family and friends and fond childhood memories, nudged me to a fling with Persian cooking and revived the lost sense of pride in my heritage.

So if you can’t join me at my dinner table maybe, I can add my touch to yours.


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